Project Management

The Claromentis Project Manager application enables teams to collaborate on projects coordinating activities and monitoring progress with state-of-the-art management tools. Fully integrated with other business applications within the Claromentis Framework, it is accessible through the Claromentis Portal environment.

Features and Benefits

Web-based project management

Claromentis Project Manager provides web-based access to comprehensive project-management tools, helping users to collaborate on projects wherever they are.

  • Project Rooms

  • Dedicated project rooms enable teams to share project-related resources and interact using collaborative tools. From one key point they can access and update project documents, budgets and timesheets, as well as use scheduling tools to plan activities and monitor progress.

  • Document Management

  • Integration with the Claromentis Document Manager application enables users to access powerful document management functionality. From within project rooms team members can collaborate on the creation and development of project documents, while benefiting from comprehensive version-control features.

  • Gantt Chart

  • A user-friendly Gantt chart tool enables team members to schedule events, mark key tasks and milestones, and keep track of progress.

  • Message alerts and reminders

  • Linked to the Gantt chart tool, users can set up automatic alerts by pop-up message or web-mail, ensuring that relevant team members are reminded of time-sensitive tasks and milestones.

  • Project calendar

  • Using the integrated calendar tool provided within the Claromentis Portal environment, users can keep track of events, holidays and resource allocation.

  • Project Forums

  • Integrated functionality within the Claromentis Portal environment enables team members to set up project-specific discussion forums to share and debate ideas.

  • At-a-glance status reporting

  • Traffic light indicators give an at-a-glance status overview of project activities. In seconds, team members can identify tasks that are running behind schedule, and take appropriate action.

  • E-forms

  • Using the Claromentis InfoCapture tool, tailored workflow solutions incorporating e-form functionality can be integrated with Claromentis Project Manager, improving process efficiency and increasing productivity within project teams.

  • Customizable information fields

  • Easy configuration of metadata enables companies to define the information that is captured for each project, to suit their own business processes.