Keep enterprise-wide policies up to date, consistent and compliant

With a wide range of policies relating to everything from health and safety and the environment, to quality management and corporate branding, it can be a challenge keeping everyone up to date. The Claromentis Quality Manager application provides a range of online tools to simplify enterprise, wide policy management, enabling you to create, update and audit policies across your organization, quickly and easily.

Straightforward policy creation

User-friendly tools allow you to create complex online policy manuals, without needing specialist technical support.

  • Policy builder

  • Create individual procedures, group them into policies, and build sets of policies into manuals for key business areas.

  • Centralized updates

  • Store every procedure in a central 'bank'. This means you need to make a change once only, and the procedure will automatically be updated in every policy or manual in which it features.

  • At-a-glance flowcharts

  • Include flowcharts to show how procedures are linked within a specific policy. Users can simply click on the flowchart to link to the relevant procedure.

  • Multiple brand identities

  • Publish online policy manuals that incorporate branding for different business units or subsidiaries.

  • Support for collaborative working

  • Work with colleagues or external suppliers to develop policies. Access to specific policies can be pre-set using the sophisticated permission structure provided within the Claromentis Intranet Framework.

  • Links to e-forms and documents

  • Integrate with the Claromentis InfoCapture and Claromentis Document Manager applications to link procedures or policies to e-forms or documents. When a document or e-form is updated, the latest version will automatically display in Claromentis Quality Manager.

  • Multiple languages

  • Publish policies in multiple languages.

Powerful distribution capabilities

Ensure that critical policy information is seen by the people who need to see it.

  • Targeting for specific audiences

    Using the permission structure within the Claromentis Intranet Framework, you can ensure that employees are only able to access the policies that are relevant to them. In the same way, web menus will only show relevant policies, making navigation faster and easier.

  • Exports to multiple formats

  • Specific procedures and policies can be exported to a wide range of formats including RTF, DOC, XML, PDF and HTML.

  • Alerts and notices

  • Key personnel can be made aware of policy developments relevant to them, through targeted alerts and notices.

  • News updates

  • Employees can keep themselves informed about policy developments by registering for ongoing news updates.

  • Interactive features

  • Leveraging functionality within the Claromentis Portal environment, managers can take advantage of interactive tools; receive employee feedback on specific policies through reader surveys, or enable colleagues to exchange views on key procedures and areas of policy development in dedicated forums.

Rigorous control tools

Sophisticated control features help you manage policy development and distribution effectively, supporting compliance with key legislation and regulatory guidelines.

  • Version control

  • Comprehensive version control functionality ensures that only one user can update a document at a time, avoiding version duplication. A record of all revisions, including authorship and dates, provides full traceability.

  • Approvals management

  • Employees are only able to view policies once they have been approved for publishing by an authorized owner.

  • Compliance management

  • The Claromentis Compliance application supports you in meeting compliance requirements for policy distribution. Using a series of targeted notifications and reminders, you can ensure personnel are aware of key policy developments. Tracking and reporting functions provide confirmation that information has been viewed by relevant individuals.